How do I check my sports bra fits correctly?

How do I check my sports bra fits correctly?

So you've checked your bra size, you've ordered your peBe Impact sports bra, and now you want to check whether it fits you correctly. Well readers, read on for our three easy checks to get you in the perfect fit:  




✔ Boobs comfortably inside

✖ Boobs spilling out the side / showing lots of cleavage (means cup size is too small)

✖ Gaping fabric (means cup size is too big)

✔ Fits firmly on the loosest hook

✔ Level all the way around

✖ Riding up your back (go down a back size)

✖ Pinching into your back (go up a back size)

✔ Do these up tightly! As a measure, the hook should be above your armpit.

✔ Fits firmly

✖ Digging in (then loosen) / too loose (then tighten)

Sister sizing

Now you’ve really lost me Charlotte… bear with me! Sister sizing is the phrase used for alternative bra sizes that will keep your cup size the same but the underband will feel tighter/looser. Think about underbands and cup sizes like a sliding scale. If you go up in one, you go down in the other. So -

  1. Go down a back size = go up a cup size. e.g. a 36DD becomes a 34E.
  2. Go up a back size = go down a cup size. e.g. a 30DD becomes a 32D

If you go up a back size but stay the same cup size, you'll notice extra room in the cup. If you go down a back size but stay the same cup size, the opposite will happen, and you'll notice the cup is tighter. Choosing to move around sizes, is usually done on comfort/ fit preference.

If it sounds like I’m speaking a foreign language now, then just take a look at our simple +/- scale below, where you can find your two sister sizes of your original bra size.