How to wash and dry your Impact sports bra

How to wash and dry your Impact sports bra

We've tested prototypes that are still going strong over six months in. However, as with all performance products, you will need to retire your sports bra at some point. Think of it like trainers, after training for and running a marathon you'll likely need to change the shoes as they've worn from being pounded on regularly. Sports bras are similar.

Ideally, you'll have two Impacts and alternate wearing them to help prolong their lifetime. But otherwise these tips for washing and caring for your Impact sports bra should help look after it. 

We'd love you to hand wash but we are realists. So best to pop in your washing machine wash at 30 degrees. Even better, if you have an undergarments bag or a guppy bag, pop them in there for extra protection.

For best performance, we recommend washing your Impact sports bra once a week. 

Don't you dare pop the Impact in the tumble dryer!! To avoid messing up the elasticity of it, please be kind to it and air dry.

Our top tip for drying your Impact sports bra - is to hang it over the middle of the line. Do not hang it up by the straps! They do enough work holding up your boobs, please give them a break and simply undo the straps whilst drying so they can hang out and recover from all the exercise! 

Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean, or use fabric softener.