Let's Get It On ...

Let's Get It On ...

Getting a sports bra on can be tricky at the best of times, then knowing if your sports bra fits properly is another matter. 

So here is our guide on how to best put on a sports bra and knowing how to check the fit of your sports bra. We are using our Impact sports bra as an example.

Putting on a sports bra

1. Tip: you should lean forward slightly so that your boobs can sit nicely in the cups

2. Clip: first do up the back clasp at the underband. This will secure the sports bra in place and act as anchor support. It is important that this fits snugly as it provides a lot of the support in a sports bra.

3. Adjust: your straps next. This is crucial to ensure the right amount of pressure is distributed through the straps. As a habit, we've found most women are wearing their straps too tight. Don't be afraid to do them up tighter as you work out or as the sports bra ages.

Top tip: avoid putting on a sports bra over your head / done up. It will stretch the material, shortening the life of your sports bra.

How to know your sports bra fits properly

1. Cups: boobs should fit comfortably inside, no spillage or gaping allowed! If there is a little room, make sure you have scooped your boobs in & maybe tighten the straps. If there is spillage, then you'll need to go up a cup size. If there is too much gaping, then you'll need to go down a cup size. 

2. Underband: you should be on the loosest setting to start, so you can tighten it as it stretches. You don't want lots of room in the back, it should fit snug. As a measure, you should only be able to fit one finger between the underband and your ribs.

3. Straps: you should do up your straps tight!! This is important as they will ensure your cups stay in place. It may feel a bit odd to begin with but they will stretch and soften after a few wears. Don’t be afraid to re-adjust tighter as you wear, something that is often overlooked.

Top tip: don't always wear your sports bra on the same settings. Test and adjust. For higher impact, make sure you're on tighter settings. Also as your sports bra ages, you should make sure you tighten your settings. 

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