What bra size am I?

A question you should ask yourself at least every six months. Over 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Finding your right fit requires a little more of your time, then just slipping into a XS, S, M, L top but it is SOOO worth it!

What you have to understand is that boobs are wonderful 3D things and every pair is a unique shape. For this reason, a tape measure acts as a starting point to get you into the right bra size and then you should use our fit check list to see if you need to go up/down in the underband or cup size.

From experience, I tend to find lots of us are wearing an underband that is too big for us and/or a cup size that is too small for us. So be prepared to go up some cup sizes!

To measure from scratch:





  • Underband measurements are in even inches - 28, 30, 32, 34 etc.
  • If your measurement is an odd number, you write down the next even number i.e. 31 becomes 32.
  • Firmly hold your tape measure flat around your waist/ under your boobs to measure.
  • Write this measurement down in inches.
  1. CUPS
  • A deceiving measurement that can often require some subjectivity. If in doubt, go up a cup size.
  • Loosely hold your tape measure flat around your boobs (in line with/ over your nipples) to measure.
  • Write this down in inches.
  • Make a note of how many more inches this is compared to your underband measurement (not size). e.g. 29 inch underband / 35 inch cups = +6

 Now follow our grid below to find your bra size:




If you don’t have a tape measure, you can check your bra size using your existing bra whilst on:

First make sure your straps are done up tightly, you are on the loosest back hook and you have scooped your boobs inside your cup (scoop underneath them from the side into the middle).

  1. UNDERBAND: if you notice your underband riding up your back, and can pull it away from your body by 2 inches, go down one back size. If you can pull it away by 3+ inches go down 2 back sizes. Warning: if you've measured your back size and it's smaller, you need to go up by the corresponding number of cup sizes. e.g. if you are wearing a 34D but you can pull it away by 2 inches, you'll become a 32DD.
  1. CUPS: if the wires are digging into the side of your boob or not sitting flat against your rib cage, you need to go up at least one cup size, if not two. This should be added on to any cup size increases if you've made in the underband step.

If you're still not sure - just reach out and ask us. Always here to answer your bra fitting questions!