What types of sports bra are there and what is the best type of sports bra for larger breasts?

What types of sports bra are there and what is the best type of sports bra for larger breasts?

There were only 3 options when it comes to choosing a sports bra, but then we came along and now we consider there to be a 4th option:
1. Compression
2. Encapsulation
3. A combo of compression and encapsulation 
4. Combo re-imagined!!

Compression sports bras - as the name suggests, are designed to compress the breasts towards your rib cage, squishing and pinning them down to prevent bounce. Often will feel like a misshapen boob jail! They often look like a crop top and are suitable for low impact for larger breasted women or for moderate impact for smaller breasted women. 

Encapsulation sports bras – these have individual cups for each breast, like your normal everyday bra. These tend to be more flattering as it fits more like a traditional bra and tend to be more recommended for larger busts for higher impact sports. But remember, these are really only as good as a sturdy normal sports bra and they tend to have wires in them for the support required - which isn't comfortable when moving your body around exercising

Combination - then you can also get bras which combine the two elements – a good option for high intensity running, whatever your size.

Combo re-imagined - enter the peBe Impact sports bra. It is mainly an encapsulation model but with contoured compression from our WRAPA technology inner layer loops. The contoured support is what makes us different from anything else out there! Your boobs move in a figure of eight shape when you run, so we have engineered the support to align with this movement and reduce the discomfort that happens when your boobs move out of time with your body (fact. I know. and is what causes the boob pain/ aches from running).