Our Impact Sports Bra development

Our Impact Sports Bra development

This is our evolution to designing the best bounce control out there. It should serve as a reminder that progress can take time but action really does bread motivation.

It took us 2.5 years, 6 major development stages, with approx. 5-7 iterations at each stage. Until our version 36(!) prototype measured up to the right standards and produce a mega 85% bounce reduction in testing. 

 A picture speaks a thousand words, so let me share some of our key development photos, so you can see how "out of the box" we were thinking!!

In the early days, it was raw. All about finding the right fabrics and testing our concept.

Finding a fabric that was both rigid with athletic properties (a bit of stretch, sweat wicking, breathable) proved challenging. So we improvised and made our own! One of the many reasons we are so unique.


We knew we were onto something good, and when we got to our final development stage the motivation to share this sports bra with you all was off the charts.

I don't want you thinking this was a lovely journey where an idea was born and a few months later out came the shiny new Impact sports bra. Its been a journey with huge highs and lows (plenty of times we could have thrown in the towel) but we believe in the product so much, its seen us through to now.

This is where you come in, the moment of truth...

So if you think your Impact sports bra is the best thing since sliced bread (I actually prefer unsliced but you get what I'm saying) then please spread the word. Also tell us what you think could be better. We know the concept of the Impact sports bra is solid but that doesn't mean we are stopping there. We will continue to develop the product and expand the range. After all, what is the point in resting on your laurels?