In conversation with ... Marie, Product Design Lead

In conversation with ... Marie, Product Design Lead

Marie has been part of the peBe journey since the early days. I connected with her on LinkedIn and when our 30 minute interview turned into a 4 hour deep and meaningful chat, filled with lots of laughter and shared frustrations at the sports bra market, I knew it was meant to be! More than just a freelancer, Marie quickly became part of the team and a good friend. 

Always one to see the positive in life, and a fantastic problem solver on our journey to create the best high impact sports bra for bigger busts, I thought I would get her to share some insights as part of our month of joy!

1. Tell us about how and why you got into being a freelance designer?
A little by accident at the beginning! I had graduated from London College of Fashion and wasn’t sure what to do next. A couple of freelance roles came up and I quickly realised I liked the variety that being a freelance designer gave me. I’m yet to meet a woman who is completely satisfied with her underwear, so when there’s so many opportunities to make something better, I like the idea I can work on as many of them as possible.

2. What do you love most about your work with peBe?
The innovation for sure - we took a very experimental approach to designing this bra and broke a lot of industry rules along the way. Working with Charlotte is an absolute dream too, she's never put off by something being complicated or difficult - she'll find a solution for anything if it means getting the best bra possible! Together we’ve created something I’m so proud of, but there’s no end when it comes to innovation - I love working with peBe knowing we’ll continue to innovate beyond this first bra.

3. Where do you find joy in life?
I'm a believer in finding joy in everything and anything (although often easier said than done), but my joy ‘go-to’ would definitely be plants. I like the simple idea that you water a plant and it grows, as much as I like the unpredictable reality of being a plant mum - some plants make it, some don’t; all you can do is give them a sunny spot, a drop of water and hope for the best!

As you can tell, Marie is an all round general babe! 

Big love,