International Women's Day Appreciation Letter

International Women's Day Appreciation Letter

To all the incredible women who have supported us,

Becky, Flora, Marie, Polly, Rose, Hele, Kim, Holly, Hannah, Jaime, Rosie, Emily, Katie, Kathy, Jenny, Lis, Inga, Karen, Manjie, Hannah, Jill, Justine, Ella, Lucy, Mascha, Jenny, Emma, Clare, Pamela, Caroline, Sarah but to name a few ... and all those who have believed in us enough to get yourself a peBe Impact sports bra.   

A short note to say thank you to you for being part of the peBe journey to establish, grow and keep buggering on (as my good friend Em would say).

That felt like listing out names for a BAFTA awards speech, or maybe just a little bit like mambo number five.

It's funny when you distill names into a list it can never quite add up to the incredible efforts that people have gone to for you. I won't expand on how each of you have contributed to us standing here today but on International Women's Day it felt important to stop and recognise those closest to peBe and also share just the power of working with other superbly talented women.

I would also add that a glorious few men have been involved in the peBe journey, Tom, Orr, Chris, Kenny, Nick, Dave and my wonderfully supportive husband Johnny ... who is the keel to my boat, which is sometimes real handy when you feel like you're navigating through choppy seas as a sole founder!

Just remember, no woman is an island. There is strength in numbers, energy and ideas to be shared and an exciting road ahead. 

So thank you, you have been brilliant, and continue to be so.


Big love,

Charlotte x