Why did I start peBe?

Why did I start peBe?

Hi team, we are peBe, a British-born sportswear brand, currently working very hard to produce some revolutionary and beautiful sports bras for all you active, busty women.

The problem.

PeBe was set up to support women with big assets to do big things!

Boobs are usually seen an asset in life but when it comes to exercise this changes, they become a barrier and quite literally a pain in the back! This is not OK. We are passionate about bringing about some change. Why?

Heavy-weight barriers

Breasts are a barrier to exercise above a number of other factors.* It's sad that a part of our body, otherwise seen as such an asset, can be seen as a such a downer when it comes to sport and exercise. However, we can see why, breasts are heavy! Whilst there is nothing we can actually do about this, we can shed some light on it for you ...

Did you know that each breast weighs in between 400g - 1.5kg for D-J cups with a 32-34 band size. To put those big numbers into context, that's the equivalent of 8 avocados or 20 tennis balls or 1.15 kg for all those lovely ladies who are a 34DD, the UK average bra size!

It's not then surprising that 72 percent of us feel some sort of breast pain when exercising,* women suffer from lack of confidence as a result of their breasts moving excessively during exercise* and women's participation levels in sport and exercise in the UK are lower than our male counterparts. This all has to start somewhere

Cast your mind back

School. A time when us busty ladies have to face up to growing boobs whilst grappling with life's big and small (mainly small) questions! You just have to just get on with sport whilst these new bigger boobs bounce around on your chest. Those lucky enough will be bought a heavily elasticated contraption to strap the girls down but others will just push through.

This is having a negative effect on women and girls in sport today. Worryingly, only 12 percent of 14 year old girls in the UK are hitting the weekly exercise guidelines set by the Department of Health* and at least half of girls age 11 to 18 say that their breasts have some effect on their participation in sport and exercise*. Not cool.

Personal problems

If the above wasn't enough to get going on, peBe was also born out of personal frustration. Our founder, Charlotte (that's me!), has struggled with sports bras since the tender age of 11. That is 17 years of uncomfortable, unflattering and unsupportive sports bras whilst doing a whole lot of sport and exercise. With an abundance of sports bras on the market for less-endowed friends, that is also 17 years of jealousy!! Time for a change.

Our solution.

We are on a mission to shake things up.**

Your boobs should not stop you being at your personal best! We believe in supporting women to achieve their personal best so much that we named our company after it (personal best ... peBe ... get it?!)!

At peBe we want you to feel well supported and damn good about yourselves when you exercise, there is so much positive that comes from sport and exercise - improved physical and mental health are just the start - we want busty women of all shapes and sizes to be able to realise these benefits.

We are hard at work , consciously creating a beautiful high-impact sports bra based on your feedback, your curves and with every bra-hack that we can think of! Here to unashamedly fix mono-boobs, frumpy designs, uncomfortable contraptions, and inadequate support for us busty, active ladies.

And so it begins!

Launched in 2021, follow our journey on Instagram @pebeactive, ask us any questions at hello@pebeactive.com and join our team by dropping us your email to keep abreast of all the great things going on in our world!

Fed up with your sports bra, we've got you covered!

* trust us, very serious research has shown this.

** no boobs will be shaken up in the process.