Our WRAPA® technology

Our WRAPA® technology

The science and the solution. 

The science.

Breast movement of up to 21cm has been recorded during exercise, so it’s no surprise that 72% of women experience pain when working out.

Pain occurs due to the independent movement of breast tissue, which means us gals with bigger boobs are less inclined to want to exercise (with the average pair of DDs weighing in over 1kg!).

Breasts move out of sync with the body, which can cause embarrassment; again impacting the willingness to exercise.

But exercise has a positive influence on self-esteem and self-worth for women and girls, so it's vital every woman is equipped to move pain free!

Our technology - WRAPA®

Pebe’s patent-pending WRAPA® technology is engineered to deliver wraparound support, reducing both horizontal and vertical bounce.

The result? An unbelievably free and liberating running experience. And no compromise on comfort or shape.

Welcome to the most liberating running experience yet, and you aren’t even out the door. Outstanding support that moves with you and doesn’t feel like a straight-jacket.

Our inner layer is designed to gently but firmly support your big assets. You will hit the ground running confidently in a pebe bra, thanks to the highly supportive inner-loops which cushion both horizontal and vertical forces and steady the girls. Leaving you ready to move forward.

Bra-illiant!!!! (see what we did there?!)