Busting through life with Ella, 26

Busting through life with Ella, 26

Welcome to the first instalment of our first blog series "busting through life" where we talk to wonderful women who have been wearing peBe sports bras about their relationship with exercise, their boobs and sports bras!

One of our core beliefs is that there is great power in supporting others and having a laugh together. That is why we will always look to connect with you all, sharing stories, and wanting to hear yours.

Over to the gorgeous Ella who we met in on a cold day in Brighton but whose smile brightened the morning!

What sports were you into as a child?
I played football and netball and was also a huge swimmer. I absolutely loved backstroke and swam for the county. I used to love Sports Day. I had these Nike trainers that I wore every year, even when they were too small, because they were the trainers that made me win. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees, but in spite of that, I tried loads of different sports and was always very active.

How about your teenage years?
It was frustrating when my boobs grew. Sports bras didn’t offer much protection against the bounce and I used to feel self-conscious when I was running. Then I discovered boys and forgot about sport for a bit!

What about now, is regular exercise a big part of your life?
When I got a bit older and embraced exercise again, I moved away from group stuff and towards gym classes. I love HIIT, circuit, kettle bells - a big variety. And I love punching it out in a boxercise class. During the lockdowns I got into running. I felt like I needed focus and a goal, so I signed up for a half marathon.

What does keeping active mean to you?
I run a social media company from home. It’s sedentary and I’m often not interacting with people except online, so it’s really important for my mental and physical health that I keep active. Like many people, I sometimes suffer from anxiety. I have my bad days, but I get through them by getting out there and doing something - it stops me thinking about anything that might be stressing me out. We all have barriers to exercise, but I try not to let anything hold me back.

How does peBe compare to other sports bras?
Since wearing peBe I’ve noticed a big difference in how I feel when I’m exercising. I couldn’t go back to my old sports bra. peBe is definitely worth investing in.

Ella wears the impact sports bra in a 34D.


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