Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra
Back view of peBe Impact Sports Bra
Impact Sports Bra

Impact Sports Bra

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MEASURE YOUR BOOBS BEFORE YOU BUY! But, if the fit isn't right, we'll help you get into the right size - just email us for an online fit check, all done in under 10 mins. 


  • 85% less bounce - lab tested
  • powered by WRAPA® technology
  • designed for running
  • sweat-wicking low stretch Italian fabric 
  • chafe-free guaranteed
  • custom fit front-adjusting straps
  • smooth grip tape on underband for added support 
  • lightweight engineered design 
  • Before you buy, take these two boob measurements and use our size check page to quickly find your size.
  • Up to 2 free exchanges for UK customers. If you want to exchange, just email us at to check your size and get your free returns label (must be within 30 days of your order).

Once you've got it, we'll send you a handy email to check your fit. There are three areas to check:

  • Cups - boobs should fit comfortably inside. If there is a little room, make sure you have scooped your boobs in & tighten the straps.
  • Back clasp - you should be on the loosest setting to start.
  • Straps - you will likely be on a bottom setting of the strap adjuster. Don’t be afraid to re-adjust tighter as you wear.
COSMOPOLITAN 2022. All thanks to our engineered design ...
The science
  • research shows breasts move in a figure of eight shape and out of sync with your body when you run
  • your boobs have no muscles, only skin to support the weight
  • these two facts combined means lots of wiggle & jiggle and pain when exercising for us busty women

Our WRAPA® technology solution

  • the ONLY contoured wraparound support in a sports bra
  • patent-pending WRAPA ® technology supports without suppressing your boobs
  • both horizontal & vertical movement is cushioned

    Made from 65% recycled polyamide 35% elastane. We'd love you to hand wash but we are realists.

    Machine wash at 30 degrees and air dry hanging over a line (not by the straps). Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean, or use fabric softener.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Julia B

    I thought I would never find a bra that held my boobs in place or at the very least stopped them from throwing themselves at my throat during Burpees and mountain climbers.....but....with this incredible bra, my opinion has changed. Don't get me wrong, they still move in this position a fair bit, but my throat is safe. Interestingly though when I'm the right way up they are fairly static. So to say I'm happy with my purchase, is an understatement.

    Kimberley Ferguson
    Best for comfort and fit

    Being blessed in the chest department has always come with a couple of downsides.
    The biggest one for me has been it getting in the way of exercise.
    I have tried many different sports bras but this one has been the absolute best in terms of comfort and fit.
    The easy dry fabric means that it is comfortable to wear all day if you are having an outdoorsy type day that requires some extra support and I never feel slowed down by my chest when I am wearing it for more intense exercise sessions either.
    The bounce reduction is out of this world!

    Stephanie Mitchell
    Impressive technology!

    Impressive technology is harnessed for serious bounce reduction! Exactly the support I want and need when I’m out running. I also love that it is made by a woman for women 💙

    Rose Whitehead
    Zero bounce

    I love my new sports bra - it’s the first time I’ve felt confident running in public without them bouncing around! Super comfy, I wear it nearly every day. Highly recommend.

    Boobs don’t move!

    I’m a 32G and had always been a shock absorber girl, but the Pebe bra is a step beyond. Better support (they literally don’t move when I run) and nicer shape that doesn’t just squash them down! Getting it on took a bit of getting used to, but doesn’t take away from it being a great bra. Highly recommend!

    customers' kind words


    I love my pebe active bra. It’s the Most supportive running bra I’ve had and it doesn’t compromise on look either. Couldn’t recommend it more!


    The bounce reduction of this sports bra is so efficient that I feel more comfortable and confident when exercising in it than I have in any other before.



    The only sports bra I now wear! First time I’ve felt truly comfortable exercising and running, minimal bounce and love how it looks.


    Great bra, minimal bounce, will be wearing it all the time!


    high impact sports bra for running