find your fit

Once you're in your Impact sports bra, make sure you've adjusted yourself to check its a good fit.

Scoop your boobs into the cups and have the straps done up tight enough! See what 'good' looks like below.


✔️ Boobs comfortably inside the sports bra

✖️ Boobs spilling out the side / showing lots of cleavage (means cup size is too small)

✖️ Gaping fabric (means cup size is too big)


✔️ Fits firmly on the loosest hook

✔️ Level all the way around

✖️ Riding up your back


✔️ As a measure, the hook should be level with or above your armpit.

✔️ Fits firmly

✖️ Digging in (then loosen)️ / too loose (then tighten)