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Measurements explained

  • Underband

    Underband sizes are in even inches... 28, 30, 32, 34 etc.

    If you measure an even number, that is your underband size (up to 0.5 over, so 32.5 is still a 32 underband).

    If you measure an odd number you will be the next even number e.g. 31 or 31.5 becomes a 32.

  • Cups

    A cup size is the difference in inches between your bust measurement and your first underband measurement. Every inch is a cup size.

    e.g. 30 inch underband / 36inch cups = +6. This is a 30E bra size.

    See our useful grid which helps you out!

  • ... it's basic maths

    Here to demystify bra sizing, it is as simple as this. If you're still not sure, just book in for a fitting here.

Checking the Fit

Make sure your underband is fastened on the loosest setting & straps are firmly fastened in a 'X' shape

  • Cups

    ✔️ Breasts comfortably inside

    ✖️ Breasts spilling out at side or lots of cleavage (cup size too small)

    ✖️ Gaping fabric (cup size too big)

  • Underband

    ✔️ Fits firm + level on loosest hook

    ✖️ Rides up your back or can pull out more than 1 inch (too big)

    ✖️ pinching or cannot fasten (too small) … this could be your cup size. If you can do it up at the front & it fits, your cup size is too small.

  • Straps

    ✔️ Can only lift up to 1 inch away from your shoulder

Sister Sizing

What is sister sizing & why would I use it?! We hear you say!

Sister sizes are bra sizes that have the same cup volume but a different band size. This helps you get the perfect support & fit. There are two simple principles to 'sister sizing':

1. If you go up one back size (from 32 to 34), to keep the same cup volume, go down one cup size (DD to D).

2. If you go down one back size (from 34 to 32), to keep the same cup volume, go up a cup size (from D to DD).

If you go up one back size, and stay the same cup size, you'll find extra room in the cup. If you go down one back size and stay the same cup size, you'll find the cup is tighter.

Friendly Online Fit Checks

Still not sure on your size... once you’ve received your sports bra, you can book an online fit check with one of our experts. You can find the booking link in your post order email.