Who are PeBe?
  • PeBe is a sports bra brand, committed to educating women and girls about their bodies, and supporting them to their personal best with brilliant products.
  • Led by founders Lucy and Charlotte, experts in sports bras, breast biomechanics and fit.
  • Our schools initiative aims to break the taboos and embarrassment around bra sizes and boobs being a barrier to girls playing sport.
  • All our products blend scientific research for engineered support with sleek design. They are trusted and loved by professional athletes and clubs, the military, leading secondary schools and university teams.
  • PeBe was founded to change the way women and girls relate to and understand their bodies and what good support should feel like. So please bear with us if you are surprised by what you learn - we are fighting generations of women getting this wrong!

What does the Sports Bra Clinic service cover?

Our sessions have been expertly and thoughtfully put together to be professional, fun and engaging for those who join us.

We're committed to keeping our focus on improving girls' body literacy and ensuring they have a good experience with their friends.

Our sessions include;

  • A breast health and exercise education session for all pupils.
  • A measuring and fitting service.
  • A sports bra, unless otherwise opted-out.
What does the education cover?
  • The education will focus on the positive performance aspects of wearing a sports bra for the pupils, and the importance of getting professional advice to help find a good sports bra, and why getting fitted is a game changer.
  • We also cover breast injury, bust the common myths and share our top tips of how to find a great sports bra in a complicated market.
  • This is a candid relatable talk, with all facts rooted in research.
What can my daughter expect at the fitting?
  • Our vast experience with teens has helped us curate a safe and caring environment for the girls who want to get fitted.
  • We encourage all the girls who join us to get fitted and measured if they feel comfortable
  • Whilst the education is key, we're keen for all the girls in our sessions to leave with a better understanding of their size and knowing how support should feel.
  • The girls will be taught how to work out their bra size using measurements taken over their shirt/PE top.
  • This can be done in a private fitting room or in the comfort of their friendship group. PeBe have found the girls feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience with their friends.
  • We'll then give her a recommended size and style of sports bra based on what sports she is doing and the size she measures as.
  • She will leave with a size card for her to keep and a bra ordered if she has been given permission, and told us she would like one.

Please note - there is no automatic ordering done just because you have given permission. We always check if she would like to have one.

Will my daughter receive a sports bra if she attends the fitting?
  • Only if you have NOT opted her out, and she says she would like one. We're not here to distribute sports bras that won't be worn and loved.
  • Hopefully she will get fitted and love her new bra which we will then add to the order so you benefit from the school's discount.
  • The sports bras will arrive at school shortly after the fitting event. If you’d like them to receive more than one, please say on the form included in the letter or let your Director of Sport know after the event.
  • If you have chosen not to purchase your daughter a sports bra but she attended the fitting day, tried one on, and wanted to buy one – you’ll have 48 hours to confirm to the school if you’d like them to be included in the order.
My daughter developed really early/is a late developer/is really self-conscious about her body image. What should I do?
  • Encourage her to come! It is a really friendly and relaxed environment with her friends. We measure over shirts and there will be private spaces to get changed in.
  • We normalise the conversation on breast shape/ asymmetry and simplify how bra sizing works. We will help coach your daughter into feeling comfortable to know how to check the fit of a bra and with this, in our experience, she’ll feel empowered to know how to sort her bras in the future.
  • Our experience of reactions is overwhelming positive from the pupils, and usually results in friend groups cheering on each other when finding out their bra sizes!
Do I need to talk to my daughter about this? I don’t want to embarrass her.
  • As part of this partnership, sports bras will now be included on the kit list. Sports bras are a functional and important part of kit, and therefore shouldn’t be cause for embarrassment.
  • This can be a great opportunity to start a positive conversation about a fun fitting that she can enjoy with her friends.
  • In our experience, the more relaxed and straight-forward we make this, the more comfortable girls feel.
  • The school will also communicate this to the pupils.
What are the sports bras being offered to my daughter?
  • Our two designs are multi award-winning, loved by thousands of pupils, professional athletes, military personnel, and online customers.
  • Our two designs are called: the Cloud (for A-C cups) and the Impact (for D-GG cups).
  • Ideal for wearing under school shirts, as the bras are available in a discreet colour – ice blue.
  • Light weight, perfect for all day wear.
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit.
How much does the education andfittings service cost?
  • This service is free to you as a parent as the school has invested in this valuable opportunity for your daughter.
How much do the sports bras cost?
  • Your school has agreed prices with us which are better than retail. These prices will only be available at this event.
  • Cloud sports bra (A-C cup): £45 (1 bra), £40 (2 or more)
  • Impact sports bra (D-GG cup): £55 (1 bra), £50 (2 or more)
How do I pay for the sports bra?
  • The cost of the sports bra(s) will be added to your school bill
After the Sports Bra Clinic - Ordering
I didn’t think my daughter needed one/wanted one, but she came home buzzing. What shall I do?
  • Don’t worry, this often happens once they have heard the assembly and learned more about their breast health and support. They become more curious to get this right.
  • Please let whoever was leading the initiative at the school that you’re keen, and we will add you to the order and the bra will appear on the school bill.
  • Remember - we do special prices for our partner schools so you’re better of placing your order with the school, rather than online. You also then don’t have to pay shipping.
My daughter got measured and fitted, she enjoyed it but doesn’t want a sports bra. I don’t want one on my bill...
  • There’s never any pressure from us for a girl to have a bra just because she gets measured and fitted.
  • The education gained from hearing our assembly and feeling the fit of a good sports bra will be invaluable to her going forwards.
  • A big part of what we do is teach girls to be “smart shoppers” and not get swayed by brands, clever language, or blame their own bodies for why stuff never fits well.
  • We are designers and have created a range that works for growing bodies and all-day wear in a busy school environment. We know how hard bras are to shop for, how much bad product is out there, how limited (and confusing) sizing is and how many girls hate the in store fitting experience. We also know that many girls grow up without someone in their life to share these worries and concerns with.
  • So whilst we put huge energy into our education, we also put lots of thought and care into our products, and want to get girls kitted out quickly in a fun environment with their friends.
  • We are the only brand that creates sports bras specifically for teens and carries the size range we do (22AA - 38GG).
  • All of our experience to date has told us that the girls enjoy and value the experience. If for whatever reason you are unsure if you are due to recieve an order, or have changed your mind. Please do contact the school. All orders are refundable and returnable provided they are unworn and in their packaging with labels.
  • We’re not here to sell sports bras that won’t be worn and loved. But we do want to offer the opportunity to help busy parents who may be unsure how to get this right.
How long will the sports bra take to arrive?
  • Sports bras are delivered to the girls at school approximately a week after the sports bra clinic. This may take a few more weeks if your clinic is held before a school holiday or we are out of stock in your daughters size.
What happens if the sports bra doesn’t fit or there is a problem after receiving it?
  • Please contact orders@pebeactive.com if there is a problem with the sports bra or the fit once your daughter has received the sports bra.
  • We recommend all sports bras should be washed before they are worn to exercise in.
How do we buy another sports bra after the Sports Bra Clinic?
  • If you’d like to purchase another sports bra after the clinic, you can buy these directly from our website. However, will be at retail price and not the school agreed pricing.
How do we wash/ care for the sports bras?
  • The sports bras can be washed up to 40c (although we recommend 30c)
  • Please do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the sports bras
  • They dry really quickly, so just hang them over the line and it’ll be dry in a couple of hours
How will I know my daughter’s fitted bra size?
  • To help them remember their bra size, they’ll each get a take home ‘size card’ which can be used for everyday bra purchases. Ask her to send you a photo of it after the event, to keep handy!
My daughters size seems bonkers - it makes her bigger than me! That is ridiculous and must be wrong!

Most women we fit are shocked by their actual size. The 'M&S way' of measuring has driven this:

  • They add 4 to the under-band measurement
  • This is to standardise women’s clothing (same reason we shop in 8/10/12, and is unhelpful (men don’t routinely shop this way...)

The difference between the underband & overband measurement is how we work out cup size (please see our how to measure video on our website). Brands like Bravissimo measure the same way as us - if we get one of their customers, they’re always spot on!


  • If you measure as a 30" on your underband (with a tape measure), and a 36" on the overband, the difference between those two numbers is how we calculate the cup (difference here is 6 = E)
  • If we use the “add 4” method, we would take the 30 up to a 34, meaning the difference is 2 = B
  • This is how a woman who thinks she is a 34B, will find out she’s a 30E - and be shocked...but once she’s fitted, she’ll see/feel the improvement
  • An “E” isn’t a cup size on its own, the size is driven by the band measurement - no two E’s are the same!

Please note: we use Amazon tape measures in our fitting service, there is no secret here. Shifting this perception is the hardest part of what we do! But please trust us, we’ve done this a lot!

How does my daughter's bra size work in other bras?

The size we give is your measured bra size in inches (not a special PeBe size ). So where you can find that size and stick to it.

HOWEVER (and this is the annoying bit)...

  • Every bra style fits differently, and every brand will have their own size chart (some more accurate than others), they will also make in different factories around the world
  • Try and stay true to the underband size and use the cup to get the fit right. If you’re a 34E for example, stick to the 34 and try the DD on. If it’s too small, go up to an E. You’ll find the shape of the bra will change - a 34E is a different cup size to a 38E.
  • Remember - the back size drives the cup size which is what accommodates your breast volume. If you change both too dramatically, you’ll end up in a pickle.
  • This is why we offer a fitting service, and not a measuring service. There are tips on how the underband and straps should feel (on the reverse of the size card given on the day).
  • I’m afraid it’s a case of trying on from that point.