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Give the gift of great support.

Perfect if you want to gift someone a sports bra, but not sure on their size, or maybe you want to contribute to someone buying a sports bra with us.


  • Fits true to size. Charlotte pictured wears a 30E.
  • Use our easy calculator above to work out your size.
  • The Impact sports bra has a job to do, so it will feel tight initially but it will soften after the first wash.
  • Cups - boobs should fit comfortably inside. If there is a little room, make sure you have scooped your boobs in & maybe tighten the straps.
  • Back claps - you should be on the loosest setting to start.
  • Straps - you will likely be on a bottom setting of the strap adjuster. They may feel tight but will stretch after a few wears to a ‘new normal’. Don’t be afraid to re-adjust tighter as you wear.
The science
  • research shows breasts move in a figure of eight shape and out of sync with your body when you run
  • your boobs have no muscles, only skin to support the weight
  • these two facts combined means lots of wiggle & jiggle and pain when exercising

Our technology solution

  • engineered loops provide contoured, wraparound support
  • horizontal & vertical movement is cushioned
  • premium low stretch Italian fabric provides comfort and structure 

Materials: 65% recycled polyamide 35% elastane.

Care: We'd love you to hand wash but we are realists. Machine wash at 30 degrees and air dry. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean, or use fabric softener.

Our bras are made with care in Lithuania, please look after them.


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high impact sports bra for running

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high impact sports bra for larger breasts

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sleek high impact sports bra for D+ cup size