The PeBe Story

Personal best. PB. PeBe. This is the lifebeat of our business. A personal best is exactly that; personal to you. It can be a sporting achievement, or an individual goal. However big, or small it’s something to celebrate.

And, however you get active, our sports bras go the distance with you. The highs. The lows. The why did I start this woes. We’ll help you take them all in your stride.

Because when your boobs are in the perfect sports bra, your head’s in the right space. Fully focused. Totally engaged. Body and mind as one.

Underpinned by years of research, innovation and science, our sports bras also look as good as they perform. No pinch, no pain. No bounce, no doubts.

Our team is small but mighty. We're experts in all things boobs and sports bras, on a mission to stop boobs being a barrier to exercise, or a reason that girls don't feel "sporty". Here to change the experience of sports bras for a generation of women. Join us on our journey!

Lucy & Charlotte x